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The touristic activity of tourism agencies and tour-operators in January-June 2019
The National Bureau of Statistics informs that, in January-June 2019 tourism agencies and tour-operators provided tourism services to 151,6 thousand tourists and excursionists, with 12,2% more than in the corresponding period of 2018. The growth of the number of tourists and excursionists was caused by increase of internal tourism, outbound tourism and inbound tourism.
The evolution of industrial production prices in the Republic of Moldova in July 2019
National Bureau of Statistics informs that, in July 2019 the producer prices in industry increased with 0,5% compared to June 2019, with 2,7% compared to July 2018 and with 2,3% compared to December 2018.
Industrial activity of the Republic of Moldova in January-June 2019
National Bureau of Statistics informs that, in June 2019, the industrial production decreased by 2,2% compared to the corresponding month of the previous year, as a result of decrease of the quarrying industry and manufacturing industry. In the same time the production of electricity, gas, steam, hot water and air conditioning supply register an increase.
Attendance of establishments of collective touristic accommodation in January-June 2019
External trade activity of the Republic of Moldova in January-June 2019
The statistical publication "Education in the Republic of Moldova" edition 2019 has been posted on the website in electronic format
The publication contains main statistical indicators that characterize the educational system of the country for the period 2010-2018. Data are represented by educational levels: early education, primary and general secondary education, vocational education, higher education, doctorate, regional statistics, statistical data according to ISCED 2011.
"Quarterly statistical bulletin, January-March 2019" posted on the website
The bulletin contains data in dynamics in the form of tables statistical indicators for years, quarters, months, which characterize the social, economic and demographic situation of the country. Information on main social and economic situation of CIS countries is presented. For the main indicators there are presented methodological notes.
Statistical publication "Agricultural activity of small agricultural producers in the Republic of Moldova in 2018" posted on the website
The publication presents time series, based on processed survey data on the agricultural activity of small agricultural producers, organised by sample methods. Also, the publication comprises the description of basic methodologic principles of survey organisation.
Postponement of the dissemination terms of the press releases "Labor, Employment and Unemployment" and "Income and Expenditure of the Population”
The National Bureau of Statistics informs that the press releases "Labor Force, Employment and Unemployment in the First Quarter 2019" and "Income and Expenditure of the Population in the First Quarter 2019" to be disseminated on 21 and 26 June 2019 respectively, will be disseminated to the general public after the official launch in July this year of the number of people with habitual residence1 recalculated on the basis of the results of the Population and Housing Census of 2014.
The statistical pocket-book "Moldova in figures, edition 2019", posted on the website
The pocket-book contains statistical information and analysis regarding demographic, social and economic situation of the country for 2015-2018.
The quarterly publication "Social-economic situation of the municipality Chisinau in January-March 2019" posted on the website
National Bureau of Statistics is a provider of experience for the Turkmenistan State Statistical Committee
Key indicators, %
Population with usual residence 2681,7 thou.
CPI 99,8%
GDP 104,4%
Industrial production 101,3%
Agricultural production 95,8
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