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Updated: 19.04.2019
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The number of population for the intercensus years is determined based on the results of the last Population Census, data on the natural increase and on migrational movement since the last Census date and the reference year. It is also taken into account the change of the number of population as a result of territorial-administrative reorganization.

Present population refers to the number of persons present at the Census moment, including temporarily resident persons.

Resident population - number of persons, permanently residents on the given territory, including the persons temporarily absent.

Population Census is the major data source for the population structure by nationalities and mother tongue. The answers for these questions were registered according declaration of the interviewed person. Parents made declaration for their children.

A family means the totality of persons, living to­gether, being in relationship or alliance and having a common family budget. The family members who live appart of family, but have a common budget, or support on a regular basis the family expenses constitute the category of "family members that live separately".

"Single persons" - the persons with no relatives, also, those who have relatives, but live permanently separately, do not have a common budget, and do not bear any material responsibilities.

Life expectancy- number of years which shall be lived in average by those born in this period, if during their life the death rate for every age will be the same as in year of birth.

Mean annual number of population - arithmetic mean of the number of population at the beginning of the reference year and at the beginning of the next year.

Vital statistics

Live-birth is a product of conception completely expelled or extracted from its mother's body, irrespective of the duration of pregnancy, which, after such separation, shows an evidence of life (breath, beating of the heart, pulsation of the umbilical chord or definitive movement of voluntary muscles).

Deceased is the person whose final functions definitively ceased after a certain time passed from his birth.

Marriage is an union between a man and a woman, concluded according to the country's legislation.

Divorce is dissolution of a legally concluded marriage, according to a final decision of the court.

Birth, death, marriage and divorce rates are calculated as the ratio between the persons born, died, married and divorced during the year and the annual average number of the present population. It is calculated in promilles (per 1000 inhabitants).

Population migration

According to the Law on Migration, the following definitions were used:

Migration - the movement of the persons in territory, followed by a change of their place of residence.

Imigrant - foreign citizen or person without citizenship who got the right for permanent or temporary residence in the Republic of Moldova.

Emigrant- citizen of the Republic of Moldova who leaves abroad for permanent or temporary residence on the territory of another state.

Work migration - voluntary departure of citizens of the Republic of Moldova abroad, and also the voluntary entrance of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship on the territory of the Republic of Moldova with the purpose of having a labour activity.

Repatriate - citizen of the Republic of Moldova and/or the person born in the Republic of Moldova and his descendants, and also the person who previously lived for at least 10 years on the territory of country and has the right to set for permanent residence in the Republic of Moldova according to the law.

Migrational Information System - automated accounting system of recording, control and study of migrational processes.

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