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Number of children in pre-school institutions includes the children in kindergartens, kindergartens-schools, nurseries-kindergartens, nurseries, and those studying on the program pre-school education.

Statistical data refering to the education present the existing situation at the beginning of a school year (excluding pre-school education).

The total number of students of higher education institutions and pupils of colleges does not include the foreign citizens, studying in the Republic of Moldova.

Active user (reader) - person who made use of library's services and facilities during the reference year.

Science and intellectual property

Doctoral studies can be conducted throughout scientific research activity.

Postdoctoral studies represent a form of extending one’s theoretical knowledge and scientific researches of persons already detaining Doctor’s degree. The number of persons studying for doctoral and postdoctoral degree represents the situation at the end of the year.

Research - development activity - a totality of scientific investigations and tehnological development activities.

Personnel involved in research-development activity - the totality of persons whose creative activity conducted in a systematic way is directed towards increasing the volume of scientific knowledge and their use in new applications, as well as in the ones that provide direct services, related to the research-development activity. There are following categories of personnel conducting research-development activity: researchers, technicians, auxiliary personnel and others.

Researchers - professionals undertaking scientific researches and elaborations, and produce new knowledge, products, methods and systems, as well as administration of those activities. Usually researchers have higher education.

Technicians - workers who participate in the execution of scientific researches and elaborations, carrying out technical functions, usually under researchers’ leadership.

Auxiliary personnel - workers fulfilling auxiliary functions related to the conduction of researches and elaborations: specialists of economic and financial planning subdivisions, technical scientific information subdivisions, as well as specialists mounting, setting up, maintenance and repair of scientific equipment and apparatus, workers of experimental production sectors.

Others – workers in charge with general character functions related to the activity of organization as a whole (personnel of accounting, HR, chancellery, logistical support subdivisions, etc.).

Domestic expenditures from research-development activity - expenditures for research-development activity performed by the institution (organisation), which include both, current and capital expenditures.

Issued title of protection / decisions of grant - a document issued by AGEPI (patent or certificate) confirming the rights in an invention, plant variety, trademark, industrial design and other objects of industrial property. For applications for protection of trademarks, industrial designs submitted by international way are not issued titles of protection, but are issued decisions of granting protection.

Applicant means a natural person or legal entity requesting in writing with the AGEPI the grant of a title of protection for an industrial property object.

Owner means a natural person or legal entity to which the right conferred by a title of protection belongs.

Invention means a solution that solves a technical problem by technical means.

Utility model means a solution that solves a technical problem, especially on the form of construction and assembly of a product.

Plant variety means a plant grouping belonging to the lowest of the known botanical taxa, which irrespective of whether it complies fully with the criteria for the grant of patent protection:

  • may be defined by the characteristics of a given genotype or combination of genotypes;
  • may be distinguished from any other plant grouping by the degree of expression of at least one of the said characteristics;
  • may be considered to be reproduced without any alterations as a unified whole in terms of its characteristics.

Trademark - any graphically representable designation, allowing goods and/or services of one natural person or legal entity to be distinguished from the goods and/or services of other natural persons or legal entities.

Industrial design - the external appearance of an article or part thereof formed, inter alia, from the lines, curves, colors, shapes, textures and/or materials of the article itself and/or its decoration.

The validity of the titles of protection - maintenance in force of different categories of titles of protection, for which the protection of industrial property rights is ensured and guaranteed within the time prescribed by law, subject to payment of fees corresponding to each of these titles.

Eurasian patent valid in the Republic ofMoldova - patent issued by the Eurasian Patent Organization to an owner, upon request filed under the Eurasian Patent Convention (entered into force for Moldova on 16.02.1996 and denounced on 26.04.2011), who has paid the fee for maintenance in force of the patent on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

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