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Elderly population in the Republic of Moldova in 2021
On the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons, which is marked annually on October 1, National Bureau of Statistics presents information on the situation of the older persons in the Republic of Moldova in 2021.
Turnover in trade and services in January-July 2022
The National Bureau of Statistics informs that, in July 2022, turnover in retail trade, in comparable prices, decreased with 0,8% compared to previous month and with 6,3% compared to July 2021.
The evolution of industrial production prices in August 2022
The National Bureau of Statistics informs that, in August 2022 the producer prices in industry increased by 0,6% compared to July 2022, compared to August 2021 - by 30,2% and compared to December 2021 - with 18,5%.
Industrial activity in January-July 2022
Gross Domestic Product in the second quarter and the first semester of 2022
The Republic of Moldova is in process of improving national statistics in the field of crime and justice
The National Bureau of Statistics, with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Sweden, completed the sectoral evaluation process of crime and justice statistics from the perspective of their alignment with the international and European standards.
The quarterly publication „Social-economic situation of the municipality Chisinau in January-June 2022" posted on the website
The publication contains quarterly statistical information which presents the economic, social and demographic situation of the municipality Chisinau. The publication contains statistical indicators regarding demographic situation, labour market, health, tourism, crimes, agriculture, industry, investments in fixed assets, construction and transport.
The statistical publication „Aspects of the Standard of Living of Population of the Republic of Moldova in 2021" was posted on the website
Aspects of the Standard of Living of Population of the Republic of Moldova in 2020” is an annual statistical publication containing detailed information on income, expenditures, housing conditions, household food consumption, availability of durable goods, etc.
Data revision policy, in accordance with the good European practices, approved by the NBS
The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), in order to improve the transparency of the revision processes, to ensure good information and efficient communication with users, has developed and approved by Order No. 35 of 30 August 2022 the Data Revision Policy. The document presents a set of guidelines, general and specific principles governing the revisions of statistical information produced by the NBS.
Statisticians of the Republic of Moldova and India exchanged good practices about carrying out censuses out with the support of UNFPA Moldova
A delegation of the Republic of Moldova, consisting of representatives of the National Bureau of Statistics, the Electronic Government Agency, the Ministry of Finance and the United Nations Population Fund of Moldova undertook a study visit to India, New Delhi, during 01 – 05 August 2022.
The statistical compilation „Labour force in the Republic of Moldova. Employment and unemployment", edition 2022 posted on the website
The statistical publication "Education in the Republic of Moldova" edition 2022 has been posted on the website in electronic format
Key indicators, %
Usual resident population 2 604,0 thou.
CPI 100,89%
GDP 99,1%
Industrial production 98,6%
Agricultural production 94,3%
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