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Agricultural production price indices (Sales indices of agricultural production prices)

Agricultural production sale volume covers the sale of own agricultural production obtained by the agricultural enterprises and organizations producing agricultural products (including farms with agricultural land area of 50 ha and over), regardless of the organizational-legal form and ownership type, through all sale channels, including the production sold through barter. The quantity of the agricultural production sold to enterprises and organizations collecting and processing agricultural production is indicated in equivalent mass, received for payment; through other sale channels – in physical mass.

Agricultural production value is reflected: with increments and price discounts for the quality of the sold production, excepting the taxes on products which are to be paid (value added tax, excise duties, transportation fees, production loading and unloading). The value of the agricultural production does not include the amounts of allowances and compensations for the expenses incurred for the agricultural production from the state budget and other sources.

Agricultural production sale price – the monetary value of a production unit.

Agricultural production average sale price is calculated by groups of products, specifying the main agricultural crops.

Agricultural production price indices are calculated based on real average prices set for the sold production during the reported period, in percentages as against the previous year.

The price indices may be obtained in two ways:

- Individual agricultural products’ price indices, which measure the evolution of prices for certain agricultural products sold during the current period as against the base or reference period.
- Aggregated price indices (Paasche formula), which are calculated by groups of products:
- cereals and leguminous-crops
- industrial crops
- potatoes
- vegetables
- melons and gourds
- forage crops
- fruits and berries
- grapes
- planting material for orchards, vineyards and fruit trees
- flowers
- dry walnuts
- livestock and poultry (in live weight)
- milk
- eggs
- wool (in natural weight)
- karakul and skin
- bee honey

Physical volume induces of agricultural production sale – are calculated as the ratio between the quantity of production during the reported period in prices of the base period and the value of production during the base period in prices of the base period.