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Labour Force in the Republic of Moldova: Employment and unemployment in the III-rd quarter 2021
According to the results of the Labour Force Survey, in the III-rd quarter 2021, the labour force of the Republic of Moldova, which includes the employed and unemployed population, was 908,3 thousand persons, increasing by 1,6% in comparison to the second quarter of 2020.
Number of persons with disabilities in the Republic of Moldova in 2020
On January 1, 2021, according to the National Social Insurance House, the estimated number of people with disabilities in the Republic of Moldova accounted for 174,5 thousand people, including 10,4 thousand children aged 0-17 years.
Investments in fixed assets in January-September 2021
The National Bureau of Statistics informs that, in January-September 2021, investments in fixed assets amounted to 18,3 billion lei or 16,6% more compared to the corresponding period of 2020.
Average earnings in the third quarter of 2021
Dwellings put into operation in January-September 2021
The quarterly publication „Social-economic situation of the municipality Chisinau in January-September 2021" posted on the website
The publication contains quarterly statistical information which presents the economic, social and demographic situation of the municipality Chisinau. The publication contains statistical indicators regarding demographic situation, labour market, health, tourism, crimes, agriculture, industry, investments in fixed assets, construction and transport.
Implementation of a public opinion poll on data users’ satisfaction with official statistics disseminated by the National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova
The EU funded project “Technical Assistance to Support the National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova” (ParStat) is seeking national organisations with relevant experience in user satisfaction surveys to carry out a public survey to determine users’ satisfaction level with the statistical information and services provided by the National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova.
„Energy balance of the Republic of Moldova", edition 2021 posted on the website
„The energy balance of the Republic of Moldova” is a large statistical collection, which presents the statistical indicators on the formation of primary and general resources of energy, distribution and final energy consumption on the main activities of the national economy during the period 2015-2020.
Analytical report "Analysis of monetary poverty and wellbeing of households with children", edition 2021 posted on the website
The analytical report contains statistical information on the general characteristics of households with children according to the area of residence, number of children, type of household, quintiles, presence of migrants in households, their level of poverty and wellbeing.
Education statistics assessed by Eurostat
The production and dissemination of education statistics are assessed by a team of experts under contract of Eurostat - the statistical office of the European Union. The sector review mission of experts Dr. Gaetano Ferrieri and Mrs. Irja Blomqvist, offered at the request of the NBS, has taken place during November 22-25.
The National Bureau of Statistics has published the infographic set "Children of Moldova in 2020"
NBS and national partners are gradually implementing the methodology of the European System of Integrated Social Protection Statistics (ESSPROS)
Key indicators, %
Usual resident population 2 597,1 thou.
CPI 102,12%
GDP 121,5%
Industrial production 112,9%
Agricultural production 120,5%
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