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Updated: 16.10.2021
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Migration of the population - updated data for 2010
Statistical databank has been updated with data series on migration of the population for 2010.

"Quarterly statistical bulletin, January-December 2010" posted on the website
The bulletin contains data in dynamics in the form of tables on main statistical indicators for years, quarters, months, which characterize the social, economic and demographic situation of the country.

The quarterly publication "Social-economic development of the municipality Chisinau in January-December 2010"
The publication contains quarterly statistical information which presents the economic, social and demographic situation of the municipality Chisinau. The publication contains statistical indicators regarding industry, agriculture, investments in fixed capital, transport, communications, tourism, retail trade and paid services rendered to the population, insurance, work remuneration, labour force market, unemployment, demographic situation, crimes.

"Socio-economic situation of the Republic of Moldova in 2010" posted
The publication contains flash information with the economic analysis of the main indicators, and also tables and diagrams with statistical data on the socio-economic and demographic situation of the country.

The statistical bulletin "Main social and economic indicators of the regions, counties and municipalities in January-December 2010" posted
The bulletin contains data on main statistical indicators of regions, counties, municipality Chisinau and municipality Balti.The quarterly operative information is given on industry, agriculture, investments and construction, transport, retail trade, paid services rendered to population, finance, labour, demography, crimes.

A new sub-domain "Remuneration of employees" in the databank
The new sub-domain "Remuneration of employees" was created in National Accounts subject-area of the statistical databank. Remuneration of employees by economic activities and institutional sectors, as well as the contribution of employees' remuneration in the formation of gross domestic product and gross value added are available in this sub-domain.

The publication "Results of the sampling structural survey of enterprises", edition 2010 posted
The publication presents the results of enterprises activity (including small and medium) received as a result of data processing of the Sampling Structural Survey spent in 2009, with application of sample survey methods.

New application - Animated population pyramid
National Bureau of Statistics informs that a new application - Animated Population Pyramid has been launched on the website. A population pyramid is a graphical illustration of the age and sex structure of the population of the Republic of Moldova beginning with 1980 till present.

It is disseminated the statistical publication "Health protection in the Republic of Moldova"
National Bureau of Statistics has published the statistical publication "Health protection in the Republic of Moldova". The publication contains information on medical and demographical aspects of population’s health and of separate socio-demographic groups...

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