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Updated: 05.12.2019
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Analytical framework "School-to-Work Transition Survey in the Republic of Moldova" edition 2015 posted on the website
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The National Bureau of Statistics announces that the analytical framework "School-to-Work Transition Survey in the Republic of Moldova", edition 2015,  has been posted on the website in electronic format.

The "School-to-Work Transition Survey (SWTS)" is a complementary module attached to Labour Force Survey, which was conducted in March 2015. The survey was organized and carried out thank to the technical assistance from the  "Work4Youth" project (W4Y - youth work) under the "Programme of International Labour Office (ILO) Youth Employment" project, funded by the MasterCard Fund. (MasterCard Fund helps people living in poverty by offering them opportunities for development and learning/training).

The analytical framework of SWTS allows users to assess, first, the characteristics of young people who are still in school, who are employed (including self-employment), who are unemployed or are outside the labour force for reasons other than training/learning within the education system.

The survey results are used to estimate:

  • the number of young people, who have completed the transition to employment/ to permanent or satisfactory job;
  • the number of young people, still in transition;
  • the number of persons, that are notl in transition, because they are in "school" (continuing education), or outside the labour market and do not plan to work in future.

The study is available under the heading: Products and services / Publication / School-to-Work Transition Survey in the Republic of Moldova

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