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Updated: 01.12.2021
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Reconciliation between professional and private life
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The current work represents a synthesis of the survey results Reconciliation between professional and private life  (RPP) carried out during the II Quarter of 2010, as a complementary module to Labour Force Survey in households. The survey was organised and carried out by the National Bureau of Statistics for the first time in the Republic of Moldova; the European Union standards and regulations were taken as a basis.

The conduction of the statistical survey was possible grace the methodological support offered to the National Bureau of Statistics by the National Institute of Statistics of Romania.

  • The objective of this survey is to ensure statistical information on:
  • The impact of family responsibilities on participation of persons of 15-64 years in economic activity;
  • Flexibility degree of the labour market in what concerning the reconciliation between professional and private life;
  • Identification of care responsibilities (for children and dependent persons);
  • Availability and quality of care services for children up to 14 and of dependent persons aged 15 years or more;
  • Analysis of flexibility degree offered at the work place in the context of reconciliation of professional and private life.
  • Share of persons that used or not the rights offered by the current legislation, to benefit of parental leave.

5 338 households were included in the sample. 11 326 persons aged between 15 – 64  years were interviewed, and the results were extended on the whole population of corresponding age. The response rate for this survey represented 88.09 %.

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