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Updated: 30.09.2022
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Structure of the National Bureau of Statistics
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The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) is the central administrative authority which, as the central statistical body, manages and coordinates the activity in the field of statistics from the country.

In its activity, NBS acts according to the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, the Law on official statistics, other legislative acts, Parliament decisions, decrees of the President of the Republic of Moldova, ordinances, decisions and Government orders, international treaties of which the Republic of Moldova is part of, as well as to the provisions of the present Regulation.

The NBS elaborates independently or in collaboration with other central administrative bodies and approves the methodologies of statistical and calculation surveys of statistical indicators, in accordance with international standards, especially those of the European Union, and with the advanced practice of other countries, as well as taking into account the peculiarities of the socio-economic conditions of the Republic of Moldova, organizes, following the programme of statistical works, annually approved by the Government, statistical surveys regarding the situation and economic, social, demographic development of the country, performing the works related to the collection, processing, centralizing, storage and dissemination of statistical data.

The structure of the NBS:

Organization chart of the National Bureau of Statistics

  • General Director
  • Deputy General Director
  • Statistical Coordination and International Cooperation Division
  • Internal Audit and Quality Management Section
  • General Division for Macroeconomic Statistics
    • National Accounts Division
    • Consumer Price Statistics Division
    • External Trade Statistics Division
  • General Division for Business Statistics
    • Industry and Energy Statistics Division
    • Investments and Constructions Statistics Division
    • Structural Statistics Division
    • Domestic Trade Statistics Division
    • Transportation, Tourism and ICT Statistics Division
    • Registers and Classifiers Division
  • Agriculture and Environment Division
    • Agriculture Statistics Section
    • Statistical Sample Surveys in Agriculture Section
    • Environment Statistics Service
  • General Division for Data Collection from Legal Units
    • Financial Statements Division
    • Data Collection and Validation Division
    • Price Data Collection Division
  • General Division for Social and Demography Statistics
    • Living Standards Statistics Division
    • Employment Statistics Division
    • Earnings Statistics Division
    • Population and Migration Statistics Division
    • Social Services Statistics Division
    • Education, Science and Culture Statistics Section
  • Census Division
  • Dissemination and Communication Division
  • Statistical Methods Division
    • Sample Surveys Section
    • Administrative Data Sources Service
    • Geographic Information Systems Service
  • Data Collection in Households Section
  • Financial Management Division
    • Finance and Accounting Division
    • Management and Procurement Section
  • Juridical and Human Resources Section
  • Document Management Service
  • General Division for Informational Technologies
    • Designing of Computer Applications Division
    • Administration of the Informational System Division
  • Training in Official Statistics Section
  • Polygraph Service Division
  • Regional Centers for Statistics

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