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Complex demographic data, obtained through the development and implementation of the information system "Population and migration statistics"

Complex demographic data, obtained through the development and implementation
of the information system "Population and migration statistics"

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) representatives, jointly with the development partners and representatives of national institutions holding important administrative data and contributing to the production of official statistics, attended the 2021 International Technical Advisory Committee (ITAB) meeting, held online, on March 30 this year.

The meeting aimed to provide high-level international technical advice to the National Bureau of Statistics in the development of the information system on Population and Migration Statistics, which will allow it, as the main producer of official statistics and coordinator of the national statistical system, to provide reliable, accurate, relevant and timely data, as well as internationally comparable demographic statistics, including domestic and international migration, annual estimates of the usual resident population by age, sex and territorial profile. These objectives are to be achieved in the project implemented by the NBS jointly with the United Nations Population Fund of Moldova (UNFPA), with the financial support of the India-UN Development Partnership Fund.

At the opening event, E.S. Rahul Shrivastava, Ambassador of India to Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Albania, reiterated the Government of India's support for the initiatives of institutional strengthening of the NBS, emphasizing the importance of global cooperation in this regard.

The Director General of the NBS, Oleg Cara, stated that during the data revolution it became imperative to develop stronger data systems. The epidemiological crisis has generated increased requirements for providing users with reliable, relevant information and in the most accurate terms possible. "More complex, timely and detailed statistics have proven to be critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. The importance of quality population and demographic data is crucial, especially in these times”. Oleg Cara also pointed out that the information system "Population and Migration Statistics" will be useful for the NBS in the long term development in the process of transition from the traditional to the combined census, and subsequently to the register-based census, and in combination with The Business Register and the Statistical Register of Housing will support the more efficient production of data in different statistical fields through a system based on multiple registers.

The representative of UNFPA Moldova, Nigina Abaszada reiterated the importance of qualitative data in the field of population: “The NBS is a long-term partner for UNFPA. Our goal is the population and migration information system to provide reliable and disaggregated data aligned with international standards. We want it to be a starting point for the 2023 census. In the long run, this system will help the NBS to ensure the transition from the traditional census to one based on registers”.

“The pandemic put high pressure on statistical institutions worldwide, as data were needed to manage the situation we all had to face. I hence believe that investments in qualitative data are important for any country. Qualitative statistical data can help the Moldovan authorities address some consequences of the migration and come up with efficient policies”, believes Ms. Caroline Tissot, Director of Swiss Cooperation Office Moldova.

The meeting presented the NBS's experience in using administrative data for population and migration statistics and ITAB members' understanding of previous experience and the challenges the NBS faced with in using administrative data. At the same time, the NBS representatives presented the concept of the information system “Population and migration statistics” and the specifications, but also the key elements for the construction of such an information system.

ITAB members came with recommendations based on their international experience in this field and in accordance with UNECE and EU principles and practices of using administrative data for official statistics and census. The opportunity to implement the information system "Population and Migration Statistics" in Moldova was also reviewed to monitor population developments in the Sustainable Development Goals.

We inform that in February-March 2021 the NBS staff participated in 5 sessions organized by UNFPA, with the participation of statisticians from the national statistical institutes of Spain, Estonia, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Finland, to familiarize themselves with good practices for the development of statistical registers or population databases or the use of other registers for statistical purposes, with ways of overcoming difficulties, but also lessons learned.


ITAB is composed of leading experts in the field of statistics, census, population registers and administrative data and is a platform that aims to provide technical assistance on developing an information system on population and migration based on administrative data available in the Republic of Moldova.


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