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Updated: 24.05.2019
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Public national budget represents the totality of the state budget incomes and expenditures, budgets of administrative-territotial units, budget of state social insurance and funds of obligatory medical insurance.

Consolidated budget represents the totality of the state and local budgets incomes and expenditures, created as independent elements of budgetary system.

Revenues of consolidated budget are the taxes and duties, other state receipts, stipulated by the law in force.

Expenditures of the consolidated budget are determined by the expenditures stipulated by the annual budget law for the satisfaction of needs of community, there are included here: social-cultural and research and development needs, maintenance of state apparatus, military expenditures, payment of state debt, subsidies, development of the economic sector of the state etc.

Budget deficit represents the exceeding expenditures over revenues.

Budget surplus represents the exceeding revenues over expenditures.

Profit (losses) before taxation reflects the financial result of the enterprise, obtained from all activities.

Net profit - financial result after taxation, obtained by the enterprise during reporting period.

Debt receivables - the part of assets of the enterprise, which have to be paid by third parties, natural or legal persons, in a certain period.

Liabilities represent the external sources of financing, given to the enterprise by third parties, which have to be paid in a certain period of time, according the established contract and other regulating documents. The liabilities include: financial, commercial and accrued debt.

Financial liabilities - liabilities connected to the involved capital (bank credits and loans received by the enterprise from natural and legal persons).

Trade liabilities - liabilities resulting from commercial transactions (liabilities to suppliers and entrepreneurs on raw material and fixed assets, goods received, and also for the services provided).

Accrued liabilities - liabilities to other legal and natural persons (personnel, social insurance funds, budget, various creditors).

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