The mission of the Bureau

The mission of the Bureau

  • The National Bureau of Statistics has the mission to elaborate policies in the field of statistics and ensures the central and local public authorities, business environment, scientific research, university academic environment, media, the general public, and other categories of users, including organizations and international bodies, as the case, with quality and timely statistical data and information on the country's social and economic situation.
  • In organizing and coordinating the official statistics of the Republic of Moldova, in the exercise of its functions and attributions, the Bureau is orienting and guided by the basic criteria regarding the adequacy of the financial, human and material resources in accordance with the statistical work programs, the assurance of the statistical quality, statistical process, methodological and technical stability, use of procedures, standards and norms to ensure cost-effectiveness of statistical information.
  • Statistical information of high quality and credibility, developed on the basis of a coherent and efficient system of statistical research and administrative sources held by state authorities.
  • The national statistical system, coordinated by the National Bureau of Statistics as the central statistical authority, operates in accordance with European standards and good practices and is based on modern information technologies.

With reference to the external environment:

  • reliability
  • impartiality and objectivity
  • user orientation
  • relevance
  • credibility
  • cooperation
  • transparency
  • promptness and punctuality
  • privacy
  • cost-effectiveness

With reference to the internal environment:

  • statistical deontology
  • professionalism
  • quality commitment
  • responsibility
  • integrity
  • cooperation
  • initiative

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