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Updated: 23.04.2019
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Consumer Price Index is an estimative indicator, which characterizes the general trends of the prices for purchased goods and the tariffs for services used by the population, in order to satisfy their needs over a certain period of time (current period) in comparison to a fixed period (base period).

The calculation of indices is based on the structure of households expenditures and the prices recorded for 1500 goods and services, representative in all forms of trade and services provided, in 750 centres of 8 cities of the country.

For the calculation of the given index, there are taken into consideration only the elements included in the population consumption (excluding the own consumption of goods and services; expenditures for taxes, fires, interest rates, securities and other).

The list of foodstuff and non-foodstuff products and services, for which the prices and tariffs are registered, includes the goods and services with the highest weight in the consumption expenditures of the population, thus the change of their prices would reflect the trend of the group prices, to which they belong.

Price Index for agricultural production, sold by agricultural enterprises, is calculated based on effective average prices, set up for the production, sold during the reporting year, in percentage to the previous year.

Price Index for industrial production determines the trend of prices for industrial production at the first stage of shipping (without value added tax and excises). The index is calculated monthly, based on statistical records of prices for 1860 representative products in approximately 300 industrial enterprises.

Price Index in construction is the ratio between the current prices for construction-assembly works, registered quarterly in 100 representative enterprises to the estimate prices from 1991 and prices from the previous year.

Unit value Indices of external trade characterize the changes in value of exports and imports based on the changes of prices, while the volumes are the same. The calculation of unit value indices is based on the data obtained from custom declarations for total exports and imports, and separately for every good, group of goods. The goods selected for the calculations (representative goods) include all homogenous commodities codified according to the Nomenclature of goods, at the 9 digit level, with the information available on quantity and cost, for the reporting and for the base period. The base period for the calculation of unit value indices is considered the previous year.

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