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Updated: 21.05.2019
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Agricultural production in value expression is calculated in current prices, also in prices of 2005 - for comparability at the calculation of relative indicators, and it is determined as the sum of plant and animal production.

Volume of plant production is determined by the size of global yield of agricultural crops, and is expressed in current and comparable prices.
Beyond this, to the value of global yield is added the growth (or are taken off the losses) of the value of non-finished production per year for plant growing, also the value of young perennial plantations. Non-finished production in plant growing is characterized by changes in the value of expenses connected with the changes in the sown area of winter crops and the area of winter till­age in the autumn of reporting year for the harvest of the next year in comparison with the sown area of winter crops and the winter tillage in the autumn of the previous year for the harvest of reporting year. The value of growth of young perennial plantations includes the value of planting and the growth of perennial plantations up to the fructiferous age.

Volume of animal production is determined by the quantity of live weight, the increase received and the growth of young animals for year, the increase in weight of mature animals, in the result of fatten ing, and also the quantity of milk, wool, eggs and other animal products obtained in the result of use of animal and poultry, having no relation with their slaughtering.
The volume of animal production is expressed in current and comparable prices.

Gross output in current prices includes also the value of market services (for payment) provided by enterprises serving agriculture and agricultural enterprises, households producing agricultural production and non-market services, provided by budgetary institutions and organizations.

Data on agricultural enterprises are presented for all enterprises, organizations, associations producing agricultural products and enterprises serving agriculture, and also enterprises with the agriculture as the secondary activity.

Data on households include the data on individual auxiliary households, horticultural associations and privatized horticultural plots.

Data on farms cover the data on agricultural activity of the persons who were given land parcels in the counterpart of shares of equivalent land.

Fixed capital investments in agriculture

The volume of fixed capital investments for ag­ricultural development includes the consumptions of material, human and financial resources, used for the creation of new ones, for reconstruction, enlargement and technical update of fixed assets in agriculture. Depending on the production purpose and the type of purchased or created production assets, there can be outlined the following directions: for construction and reconstruction of water use premises, livestock and poultry farms, plant production objects, production and preparation of forage, use of electricity in agriculture; consumptions for planting orchards, vineyards and other perennial plantations; acquisition of tractors, transport means, agricultural machinery, equipment and tools, not included in the expenditures for constructions, and other.

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