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Updated: 10.04.2020
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Changes in the activity of NBS regarding the State of Emergency declared throughout the Republic of Moldova
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Changes in the activity of NBS
regarding the State of Emergency declared throughout the Republic of Moldova

Taking into account the state of emergency throughout the territory of the Republic of Moldova, aiming at ensuring the security and health of NBS employees and respondents, as well as for preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus (also known as COVID-19), NBS informs that starting with the 16th of March the activities of the institution have been adjusted as follows.

Organization of activity within the headquarter of the NBS

During the State of Emergency period, the NBS is suspending the relations with the public and will provide the response to citizens remotely, by phone or by e-mail.

Any questions or requests can be addressed:

Organization of activity within the Territorial Subdivisions of Statistics and the deadlines for submission of statistical forms by the enterprises

The Regional Centres of Statistics and their territorial subdivisions will work with a reduced number of staff. They will take protective measures in order to ensure the safety and health of employees and of respondents. The access to territorial premises of the institution and its offices will be limited, avoiding crowds and respecting the distance of at least 1 m between persons.

We recommend to respondents to make maximum use of the one-window e-reporting platform for the statistical questionnaires available online, see the list here. The questionnaires which are not included in the platform may be sent by electronic mail, fax or telephone.

The contact details of regional statistical offices and of territorial subdivisions:

The NBS is aware that, under the current circumstances, the activity of some enterprises will be disrupted, and for some respondents it would be a problem to provide data within the pre-set deadlines.  For such cases, the enterprises are requested to inform (in written form, by e-mail or by phone) the NBS staff about the impossibility of meeting the respective deadlines and to provide the extended date of questionnaires’ submission which would have been agreed by the NBS.

NBS extends the deadline of submission for the following annual questionnaires:

Name of the form

Term Initially established

Extended term

1-BE " Energy Balance”

31st of March 2020

17th of April 2020

2-INV "On investments" (annual)

1st of April 2020

30th of April 2020

1-CC " Construction activity"

1st of April 2020

17th of April 2020

1-inf " Situation on computerisation and Internet connection"

31st of March 2020

17th of April 2020

M3 " Salary wages and cost of labor force"

31st of March 2020

30th of April 2020

M3  ANNEX" Salary wages and cost of labor force"

31st of March 2020

30th of April 2020

The enterprises are kindly asked to consult the recently launched WEB application, which allows each entity to view the list of forms to be reported during the year 2020 to the NBS, as well as their periodicity and submission deadline. Other changes to the deadlines for statistical forms’ submission will be reflected in this application.
Update: We bring to the attention of the respondents that, in accordance with paragraph 26 (7) of Order No. 3 of March 23, 2020, the Commission for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Moldova, the deadline for submitting financial statements for 2019 is extended until May 29, 2020.

We also inform that in accordance with paragraph 26 (6) of the same Decision, for 2019 the financial statements of medium and large entities and the consolidated financial statements of groups are NOT subject to mandatory audit.

Starting with the 16th of March, during the State of Emergency period, NBS suspends the visits of the interviewers to the households selected for participation within the following statistical surveys:

  • Labour Force Survey
  • Household Budget Survey

Instead, the interviewers will contact the households and will collect the necessary data via the phone.

The NBS respectfully requests the households’ members to answer the calls and demands of the interviewing staff to contact them, and to provide support in data collection. For any questions related to the mentioned statistical surveys the households can contact the Regional Centres for Statistics.

Dissemination of data on the official website

NBS aims at maintaining the production of statistical data and its dissemination on the official website and Data Bank, in compliance with the Dissemination calendar, with regard to satisfying the informational needs of data users. The measures described above support the smooth further running of processes of collection, processing and subsequent dissemination of statistical data even in crisis situations.

Nevertheless, the NBS acknowledges that the circumstances created in the country, the limitations in the data collection from enterprises, establishments or households, but also in processing of data provided by other institutions of the public administration (administrative data sources), will have an impact on the volume and contents of collected data, as well as on the timeliness of processing and disseminating the statistical indicators. In this respect, any deviation from the dissemination calendar or change in the manner of presentation of data will be announced in advance on the official website of the NBS.

Communication with mass media

Mass media representatives can address requests of data or ask questions from the person responsible for mass-media communication:

Alina Jalba, 
tel.: +373 67770746, 

Depending on the evolution of the situation, the NBS will revert with updates and additional information regarding its activity.

NBS expresses its regret over any inconveniences created and conveys its gratitude and wishes of health to all respondents, data providers and data users understanding!

All the measures described above are taken to protect the health of employees of the statistical subdivisions and of the respondents from illness, and also to facilitate the continuity of the process of statistics collection in the exceptional situation in the country. NBS counts on the support and participation of respondents at ensuring the qualitative and timely production of statistical data!

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