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Dwelling stock – is the totality of all dwellings irrespective of the forms of ownership, including the dwelling-houses, specialized houses (hostels, invalid’s homes, veteran’s homes, old people’s homes etc.), apartments, office premises and other dwellings in other buildings suitable for living.

Dwelling stock by forms of ownership is subdivided in:

  • public dwelling stock is the stock in state ownership and which is in full management of the state enterprises; municipal dwellings stock is in ownership of the county (city), municipality, and also the stock which is infull management of the municipality enterprises or operative management of municipality establishments;
  • private dwelling stock is the stock in ownership of citizens (individual residential houses, privatized and purchased apartments and houses, apartments in buildings of housing co-operatives) and stock in ownership of legal persons (established as private owners) built or purchased at their means;
  • dwelling stock of mixed form of ownership is the stock in joint or share of property of various subjects of public and private ownership;
  • property of joint enterprises - dwelling stock in ownership of joint enterprises with foreign participation.

Living quarters is an isolated quarters which is considered to be immovable property and can be used for the permanent residence of the citizens (it complies with the technical and sanitary rules and regulations as well as with other legal provisions). The living quarters include: residential houses and their parts, apartments and part of the apartment, rooms.

Dwelling house – an individually determined building, which consists of rooms and ancillary rooms, designed to meet the various household needs of citizens related to their housing in the building.

Apartment – a structurally separate room in a multiple-dwelling apartment block that provides direct access to common use rooms in this block that may have one or more rooms as well as ancillary rooms designed to meet the household needs of citizens, related to their living in such a separate room.

The room – is part of a dwelling or apartment, intended for its direct use for the citizens in the home or apartment.

The total area of living quarters is determined as the sum of the surfaces of all parts of such premises, including surface spaces auxiliary designed to meet various household needs of citizens in living their living space, excluding balconies, loggias, verandas and terraces.

Living area – area of living rooms in dwelling houses and dwellings: bedrooms, dining rooms, rest rooms and rooms for extracurricular activities in children’s homes and educational institution’s hostels, in nursing homes; living-rooms in non-residential buildings and premises.

Water supply system – assembly of technological installations, specific functional equipment and facilities through which realizing the water supply service. Water supply system includes the following components: captures, adductions, treatment plants, pumping stations with or without hydrophore, storage tanks, public water transport networks, water supply networks.

Sewerage system – assembly of technological installations, functional equipment and specific facilities, through which realizing the sewerage service. The sewerage system consists of the following components: sewerage systems, pumping stations, wastewater treatment stations, exhaust collectors for envoy.

Water supplied to consumers – the volume of water delivered to the population, budgetary institutions and other consumers for productive and unproductive needs.

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