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Updated: 29.05.2020
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1. Data source is the Chapter CA – Turnover from the monthly statistical survey on short-term indicators in services (SERV TS), performed in accordance with European Council Regulation no. 1165/1998, the European Parliament and Council Regulation no. 1158/2005 and European Commission Regulation no. 1503/2006 concerning short-term statistics.

2. The statistical survey is of sampling type. The type of used survey and the method of sampling is the stratified sample with simple random selection without replacement for each strata, in which stratification variables are represented by - economic activity and enterprise size class by number of employees.

3. Information is presented without data on enterprises and organizations from the left side of Nistru and municipality Bender.

4. Concepts and definitions

Annual turnover (income from sales) excl. VAT is the sum of income from sale of products, goods, services and execution of works, from both their main and secondary activities as such exercised by the enterprise during the reference period. This indicator is the amount of credit turnover account 611 "Incomes from sales" and 6122 account "Current rent income".

In turnover are not included:

  • VAT and other similar deductible taxes related to turnover;
  • Income from sale of other current assets (credit turnover account 612 "Other operating incomes" with the exception of 6122 account "Current rent income" which is included in turnover);
  • Income from sale of long-term assets and investment activities (credit turnover account 621 "Income from investing activities");
  • other incomes from financial activity, exceptional incomes (622 "Incomes from financing activities", 623 "Exceptional income");
  • packaging value returned after delivery.

5. Calculation algorithm

Volume indices of turnover in retail trade and market services provided to population are indices of Laspeyres type and are calculated in terms of methodological and comparable prices. To express the values ​​of the current period in the reference period prices deflators price indices are used (CPI). The first indices obtained are at CAEM Rev.1 class / group level, then by successive aggregations indices are obtained at aggregated levels.

6. Monthly data are provisional and may be revised based on retroactive adjustments by economic agents.

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