NBS launched an updated version of the Statistical Statbank

The statistical databank of the National Bureau of Statistics - Statbank http://statbank.statistica.md, has been updated to version PxWeb 2020 v1. 

The new version of the Statbank has an improved and modern design, contains new graphical elements that allow users quickly and easily find the necessary information. A number of improvements have also been made to help people with visual impairments, security settings have been improved and some technical functionality have been added.

It should be noted that update a new version of the Statbank is in line with the results of the user survey on the level of satisfaction with official statistics in the Republic of Moldova conducted in 2022. According to it respondents are satisfied with the statistical Statbank and mention that the data presentation design is good but needs to be improved.

To be mentionet that in 2022, the Republic of Moldova ranked 17th in the world out of 192 countries and 2nd in Eastern Europe according to the coverage and openness of official statistics data, according to the Open Data Watch - Open Data Inventory (ODIN). One of the tools analyzed was Statbank. At the beginning of 2023, the Statbank contained more than 1400 tables and more than 5 million data cellls.

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