Social and economic situation of the Republic of Moldova, editions 2008-2016

The publication contains quarterly statistical information which presents the economic, social and demographic situation of the Republic of Moldova. The publication is structured in 6 chapters that refer to:

  • Gross Domestic Product;
  • Production of goods and services (industry, agriculture, investments in long term tangible assets and constructions, transport, communications, tourism, retail trade and paid services rendered to the population, external trade);
  • Prices;
  • Finance (execution of the public national budget, activity of economic units, activity of small business, activity of commercial banks, credits and currency, insurance, stock-market);
  • Social situation (work remuneration, pensions, labour force market, unemployment, demographic situation, health protection, crimes).

For the main indicators there are presented methodological notes.

Romanian and Russian versions

Electronic versions are available in Romanian and Russian versions

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