Justice and crime statistics presents data mainly by focusing on each stage of the justice system, from data on registered crimes, perpetrators and victims of crimes to punishments and convicted and detainees in prisons. This field also contains data on the detected contraventions, the cases brought to the courts, the personnel of the justice system, as well as the road accidents in which people suffered.

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Release calendar

DateHourCategoryUpdated informationReference periodIssuer
15.07.202414:00StatbankDetected contraventions 2023BNS
15.07.202414:00StatbankRoad accidents Quarter II 2024BNS
15.07.202414:00StatbankRoad accidents 2023BNS
17.07.202414:00StatbankJuvenile criminality 2023BNS
17.07.202414:00StatbankCrimes 2023BNS
17.07.202414:00StatbankCrimes Quarter II 2024BNS
17.07.202414:00StatbankConvicted persons and detainees 2023BNS
17.07.202414:00StatbankJustice authorities 2023BNS
21.10.202414:00StatbankRoad accidents Quarter III 2024BNS
21.10.202414:00StatbankCrimes Quarter III 2024BNS

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