Statistical yearbook "Chisinau in figures" edition 2013 posted on the webpage

National Bureau of Statistics informs that the Statistical yearbook "Chisinau in figures", edition 2013 was posted in electronic format on the website.

The yearbook is the most complete publication, which comprises statistical data regarding the demographic, social and economic situation of the municipality Chisinau for 2012 in comparison with previous years.

The yearbook is structured in 15 chapters, containing information from various fields: general data, population, labour market, education, culture and sport, health protection and social protection, dwellings, tourism, environment, justice. The yearbook contains as well statistical data on industry, agriculture, investments, constructions, transports, post and telecommunication, trade and services, financial results of economic agents.

More detailed information is available under the heading: Products and services / Publications / Statistical yearbook "Chisinau in figures" 

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