„Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Moldova", edition 2021 posted on the website


National Bureau of Statistics informs that the „Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Moldova", edition 2021 was posted on the website in electronic format.

The Statistical Yearbook is one of the traditional tools of official statistics, which allows studying the evolution of society as an essential foundation in the development of all public policies.

The yearbook contains the most recent statistical data available in various fields, for economic and social characterization of the country in 2020, as well as the evolution in recent years of the main indicators. The data on some indicators are revised compared to those previously published, and for 2020 some indicators are preliminary and in further editions can be revised. The relative indicators reported to the number of population were revised based on the usual resident population.

The current edition is structured in 24 chapters and includes 300 tables and about 70 diagrams for easier understanding and perception of data. In each chapter, for the basic indicators the data source and methodological explanations are presented.

In the final part of the Yearbook data on international statistics are presented, which allows comparison of some indicators for the Republic of Moldova with those from other countries.

The Statistical Yearbook is available only in electronic format, in Romanian, Russian and English versions (in PDF and Excel), and can be accessed on the web page under: Products and services / Publications / Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Moldova.

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