The publication "Results of the sampling structural survey of enterprises" edition 2019 posted on the webpage

National Bureau of Statistics informs that the statistical publication "Results of the sampling structural survey of enterprises", edition 2019 was posted.

The publication presents the results of enterprises activity (including small and medium) received as a result of data processing of the Sampling Structural Survey spent in 2018, with application of sample survey methods. The Structural Survey contains a set of indicators, by means of which the whole industrial and commercial system of the enterprise is characterized. Analytical tables containing main economical indicators, including by types of activities, forms of ownership and size of enterprise are presented.

The publications is available in Excel format.

In Romanian, Russian and English versions
Format A4, 68 pages

More detailed information is available under the heading: Products and services / Publications / Results of the sampling structural survey of enterprises

2018 carte cifre date indicatori manual moldova publicație statistici

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