The youth in the Republic of Moldova in 2018

The youth in the Republic of Moldova in 2018

The National Bureau of Statistics presents the information regarding the situation of young people in the Republic of Moldova in 2018.
The number of the population with regular residence on January 1, 2019 constituted 2681,7 thousand persons, of which 743,2 thousand or 27,7% are young people aged between 14-34 years. The distribution of young people by sex is as follows: 49,9% - women and 50,1% - men. The generation of young people is constantly decreasing. During the last years the population aged between 14-19 years decreased by 58,2 thousand persons and the share of this category in the total number of young people decreased from 24,6% to 01.01.2014, to 22,8% to January 1, 2019. The number of persons aged between 20-24 decreased by 79.0 thousand persons or by 4,4 percentage points. The number of people aged between 25-29 is also decreasing (by 53,0 thousand) while the number of young people aged between 30-34 has increased by 8,6 thousand or 6,8 percentage points. 
More detailed information is available in Romanian language.

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