Average earnings in January-March 2011

Average earnings in January-March 2011

National Bureau of Statistics informs that in March 2011 the average gross nominal earnings constituted 2985,1 Lei and it increased with 8,1% compared to March 2010 and with 3,5% compared to previous month (February 2011). In January 2011 the average salary constituted 2835,6 Lei (109,2% compared to January 2010) and in February - 2884,5 Lei (111,4% compared to February 2010).

The index of the real salary  in March 2011 compared to March 2010 was 102,2%. For January and February it was respectively, 102,3%  and 105,4%.

Beginning with January 2011, statistical data regarding earnings are obtained based on the new sample survey "Short-term statistical indicators" implemented according to European standards.

More detailed information is available in Romanian language.

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