​​​​​​​European Union and UNFPA donate 3,000 electronic tablets to the National Bureau of Statistics

The European Union and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) today handed over to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) a consignment of digital equipment, including 3,000 electronic tablets and related accessories, worth about 800,000 EUR. The digital equipment is provided for the Population and Housing Census (PHC) that will take place from 8 April to 7 July 2024.

Director General of the National Bureau of Statistics Oleg Cara expressed his gratitude for such a generous donation, stressing that it will have a positive impact on the census process. “With the donated equipment, for the first time the quality of the data collected in electronic format will be ensured, the length of interviews and processing time will be significantly reduced, which will also enable much faster dissemination of census data. The tablets will not only improve the accuracy of the data, but will also contribute to a greener approach by eliminating the need for paper forms.”

The tablets will be equipped with data collection applications and will allow enumerators to enter information into electronic census questionnaires. The modern equipment provided is in line with EU and UNFPA commitments to support the National Bureau of Statistics in conducting a census that meets international standards.

European Union Ambassador to MoldovaJānis Mažeiks said: “This year’s Population and Housing Census will serve as the cornerstone of Moldova’s statistical system. It is a vital tool for informed decision-making. Accurate and reliable data on the demographic situation, socio-economic conditions and housing stock of the country are essential for the development of effective government policies. The use of tablets for data collection ensures confidentiality and accuracy. The privacy of citizens’ personal data is a top priority. All data will be collected in strict compliance with the highest international and European standards. Participation in the census is time-consuming, but its effects are long lasting. It is important that all citizens participate in the census and contribute to building a better future for Moldova.”

In the same time, Natalia Plugaru, UNFPA Deputy Representative in the Republic of Moldova, emphasised the importance of collecting statistical data on the dynamics, structure and needs of the country’s population. “Demographic information is essential for informed policy-making and decision-making, thus contributing to the country’s demographic resilience, which is one of UNFPA’s priorities in Moldova. The donated tablets symbolise the commitment to use technology for the public good, laying the foundation for quality, reliable and sustainable statistical research.”

The 2024 Census is financed from the state budget of the Republic of Moldova and 1,800 tablets have already been purchased to replenish the stocks needed for the statistical exercise.

The Population and Housing Census is conducted every 10 years and is the most important national statistical exercise to provide a complete demographic picture of the country. The data collected during the census will provide important and quality information to develop national and local public policies necessary for the economic and social development of the country. Therefore, the active participation of Moldovan citizens in the PHC is of high importance.

The European Union and UNFPA provide technical and financial support to the NBS under the project “Support to the National Bureau of Statistics in conducting the 2024 Population and Housing Census” during the preparation and implementation of the PHC.

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