International trade of goods of the Republic of Moldova in May 2023 and January-May 2023

National Bureau of Statistics informs that, exports of goods in May 2023 registered a value of 336,5 millions US dollars, with 6,2% more than in April 2023 and with 19,1% less compared to May 2022.

In January-May 2023 exports of goods amounted to 1725,5 millions USD, 8,0% less than in the corresponding period in 2022.

Imports of goods in May 2023 amounted 709,1 millions US dollars, with 2,7% more than in the previous month and with 8,2% less compared to May 2022.

In January-May 2023 imports summed up 3706,6 millions USD, higher than in the same period in 2022, with 3,5%.

More detailed information is available in Romanian language and in Statbank.

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