Consumer Price Index (CPI) is meant to measure the changes in dynamics of the overall level of prices for products and services purchased for consumption by the households from the country. CPI is a monthly indicator, calculated only for the elements from population direct consumption. Coverage of the CPI represents the retail prices on the domestic market for food, non-food goods and services provided to the population, registered in the collection centers (shops and service units - about 900), included in the selective research for the calculation of the CPI.
The geographical sample from which the consumer prices are collected includes 8 localities from the urban area: Chisinau, Balti, Cahul, Comrat, Orhei, Ungheni, Edinet and Soroca. Prices are collected automatically, via Tablets, based on specially created software. The CPI is calculated and disseminated according to different specific, national and international aggregations (major groups, groups of goods and services, 4 COICOP classes, 12 COICOP divisions, total CPI by country, etc.).

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Release calendar

DateHourCategoryUpdated informationReference periodIssuer
10.02.202310:00News releasesEvolution of consumer pricesJanuary 2023BNS
10.02.202310:00StatbankConsumer price indicesJanuary 2023BNS
10.03.202310:00StatbankConsumer price indicesFebruary 2023BNS
10.03.202310:00News releasesEvolution of consumer pricesFebruary 2023BNS
11.04.202310:00StatbankConsumer price indicesMarch 2023BNS
11.04.202310:00News releasesEvolution of consumer pricesMarch 2023BNS
11.05.202310:00StatbankConsumer price indicesApril 2023BNS
11.05.202310:00News releasesEvolution of consumer pricesApril 2023BNS
09.06.202310:00News releasesEvolution of consumer pricesMay 2023BNS
09.06.202310:00StatbankConsumer price indicesMay 2023BNS
11.07.202310:00News releasesEvolution of consumer pricesJune 2023BNS
11.07.202310:00StatbankConsumer price indicesJune 2023BNS
10.08.202310:00News releasesEvolution of consumer pricesJuly 2023BNS
10.08.202310:00StatbankConsumer price indicesJuly 2023BNS
11.09.202310:00StatbankConsumer price indicesAugust 2023BNS
11.09.202310:00News releasesEvolution of consumer pricesAugust 2023BNS
10.10.202310:00News releasesEvolution of consumer pricesSeptember 2023BNS
10.10.202310:00StatbankConsumer price indicesSeptember 2023BNS
10.11.202310:00News releasesEvolution of consumer pricesOctober 2023BNS
10.11.202310:00StatbankConsumer price indicesOctober 2023BNS