Housing sector is an important component part of the national economy. Nevertheless, population assurance with dwelling is a social issue related to creation of necessary conditions for the vital activity of every human. Hence, the processes referring to reproduction of the dwelling stock have an essential importance for the success of economic reforms, having a direct influence on setting macroeconomic proportions and economic development.

Dwelling stock – is the totality of all dwellings, irrespective of the forms of ownership, located on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Data are presented annually.

Data source also includes the information regarding the individual housing stock records in urban areas, provided by the Public Services Agency.




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28.06.202414:00StatbankHousing stock 2023BNS
28.06.202414:00News releasesHousing stock On January 1, 2024BNS
28.06.202414:00Excel tablesHousing stock On January 1, 2024BNS

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