Сonstruction activity represents the sector of the national economy which deals with carrying out construction works, meant to create fixed assets, as well as to maintain the existing constructions at a technical level as close as possible to the initial one.

Value of construction works is presented by structure elements of the works (new construction, capital repairs, maintenance works and current repairs) and by types of objects (residential buildings, non-residential buildings, engineering structures).

Data are presented quarterly (cumulative) and annually.

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Release calendar

DateHourCategoryUpdated informationReference periodIssuer
19.07.202414:00Excel tablesConstruction output 2023BNS
19.07.202414:00StatbankConstruction output 2023BNS
30.07.202414:00StatbankBuilding permits January-June 2024BNS
30.07.202414:00News releasesBuilding permits January-June 2024BNS
31.07.202414:00StatbankHousing put into operation 2023BNS
31.07.202414:00Excel tablesHousing put into operation 2023BNS
20.08.202414:00StatbankConstruction output January-June 2024BNS
20.08.202414:00News releasesConstruction output January-June 2024BNS
23.08.202414:00StatbankHousing put into operation January-June 2024BNS
30.08.202410:00StatbankConstruction price indices Quarter II 2024BNS
30.10.202414:00StatbankBuilding permits January-September 2024BNS
30.10.202414:00News releasesBuilding permits January-September 2024BNS
20.11.202414:00StatbankConstruction output January-September 2024BNS
20.11.202414:00News releasesConstruction output January-September 2024BNS
25.11.202414:00StatbankHousing put into operation January-September 2024BNS
29.11.202410:00StatbankConstruction price indices Quarter III 2024BNS