Statistical data "Republic of Moldova versus European Union" on the occasion of Europe Day

On the occasion of Europe Day, the day of peace and unity in Europe, celebrated annually on May 9, the National Bureau of Statistics presents the statistical data "Republic of Moldova (RM) versus European Union (EU-27)".

The statistical brochure include the most important and meanwhile the latest available data, which present the socio-economic situation of the Republic of Moldova compared to the average of the EU-27 countries. The data present a set of graphically shown data, useful for the general public, but also for the decision-makers for the further development of the country's social and economic policies.

Social statistics contain data on the following areas:

  • demography;
  • labor market;
  • education;
  • population health.

Economic statistics present data from areas such as:

  • Gross Domestic Product in Moldova compared to EU;
  • industrial production;
  • inflation;
  • the activity of small and medium enterprises;
  • environment;
  • production of products (cereals, potatoes, meat or milk).

Data on the Republic of Moldova are official statistics available on the official website of the NBS and the Statistical Databank, and data for the EU-27 were taken from the Eurostat database (Statistical Office of the European Union) and presents the latest available data.

The brochure is available under the heading: Products and services / Publications / Statistical data "Republic of Moldova versus European Union"


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