Statistical yearbook "Chisinau in figures" edition 2021 posted on the webpage

National Bureau of Statistics informs that the Statistical yearbook "Chisinau in figures", edition 2021 was posted in electronic format on the website.

The Statistical Yearbook is one of the traditional tools of official statistics that allows to know the evolution of the community, as an essential foundation in the development of public and local policies.

This edition is structured in 16 chapters and includes about 100 tables for easier understanding and perception of data. In each chapter, the source of the data and the methodological details are set out for the basic indicators. The yearbook contains the latest statistics available in various fields: general data, population, labor market, education, culture and sports, health protection and social protection, dwellings and public utilities, tourism, environment, justice; also information on the activity of industry, agriculture, investment, construction, transport, trade.

More detailed information is available under the heading: Products and services / Publications / Statistical yearbook "Chisinau in figures"

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