Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Moldova, edition 2010 was published

National Bureau of Statistics has published the "Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Moldova", edition 2010 in printed form and on CD-ROM. The yearbook contains the most important data regarding the socio-economic and demographic development of the country during 2002-2009.

The present edition of the yearbook is organized in 24 chapters, and includes over 500 tables and graphics comprising an increased and complex volume of information from various subject areas: geography and environment; population; labour force; population incomes and expenditures; prices; dwellings; education and science; health protection; population social assistance; culture and sport; tourism; justice; national accounts; industry; energy and fuel resources; agriculture; investments in fixed capital and construction; transport, post and telecommunications; information technologies; foreign trade; retail trade and services; finance; balance of payments; international statistics.

The main indicators are presented in territorial aspect.

 Romanian, Russian and English versions
 Format A4, 572 
 Price of book: EUR 42
 Price of CD-ROM: EUR 24
Price of book + CD-ROM: EUR 60

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