World Statistics Day celebrated for the first time at international level in the Republic of Moldova

World Statistics Day celebrated for the first time at international level in the Republic of Moldova

This year, on October 20, all country members of the United Nations Organization celebrated for the first time the World Statistics Day, according to the UN General Assembly Resolution A/RES/64/267 adopted  on June 3, 2010 under the auspices of the 64th session:

The aim of the event is to raise the awareness on the importance and results achieved by the national statistical offices.

Recognizing the fundamental importance of sustaining national statistical capacities to produce relevant and timely statistics on social and economic development of the country to be applied in decision making processes, policy development and afferent monitoring, the General Assembly decided to celebrate on October 20 the World Statistics Day, with the generic „Celebrating the many contributions and achievements of official statistics. Service, professionalism and integrity”.

In the context of acknowledging the importance of giving credit to the official statistical systems, the General Assembly invited the UN member countries, UN organizations and programmes, other international and regional organizations, CSOs, academia, media, other data producers and users of official statistics, to appropriately celebrate the World Statistics Day. The UN member states are encouraged to organize events at the national level for celebrating this international day.

The Republic of Moldova celebrated, along with other UN member states, the World Statistics Day. The National Bureau of Statistics organized an anniversary event at the Republican Palace, involving local partners: public authorities, academia, business environment, NGOs, etc, and international partners, i.e. representatives of the international organizations accredited in Moldova. During the event, several welcome messages were transfered to the participants, awards granted to the best statisticians, a concert was organized on the occassion of the first celebration of this professional day.

On this occasion, the Government of the Republic of Moldova approved on October 6, 2010, the Decision No.934 "On proclaiming the proffesional day - Statistician’s Day". Accroding to it the Statistician's Day in the Republic of Moldova will be celebrated annualy on October 20.

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