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Updated: 26.05.2020
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Project Activities
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Main Project Activities


  • Review of regional statistical indicators currently produced by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and other authorities assessing their compliance with Eurostat and OECD practices;
  • Undertake a comprehensive assessment of statistical and regional development national level regulations with respect to producing and using regional statistics;
  • Facilitate consultations between NBS and key regional statistics users on identification of purposes for regional statistics;
  • Organise a study tour to a recent EU accession country
  • Conduct a “Statistical Gaps” exercise comparing the Moldovan set of regional statistics available with the preferred set of indicators based on Eurostat and OECD requirements;
  • Provide advice to NBS on compilation of an optimal set of regional statistics indicators;
  • Organise a study tour to Eurostat on key indicators required from EU member states on different NUTS levels
  • Provide assistance to NBS and the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction (MRDC) for development of an optimal alignment between the statistical and development regions;
  • Develop an action plan on improving regional statistics for NBS and MRDC;
  • Assess NBS capacities and training needs


  • Produce a renewed design for survey samples based on the development regions;
  • Organise a study tour to an EU-15 member to investigate the organisation of regional statistics;
  • Training sessions on introduction to the concepts and data needs for the calculation of regional accounts;
  • Compilation of regional GVA inventories;
  • Produce regional GVA estimations;
  • Assist NBS to produce data for regional accounts;
  • Review statistical training provided in Moldovan universities;
  • Assist in developing an annual regional statistical publication
  • Review and update regional development strategies based on the newly produced statistics;
  • Assist Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) in performing M&E of the regional development policy based on the newly available statistics;
  • Creation of a training capacity in MRDC and NBS for the analysis of regional data;
  • Development of a user-friendly application for using and analysis of regional data;
  • Deliver training for software users on producing regional analysis;
  • Publication of comparative analysis between Moldovan and EU regions.
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