Analytical report "Analysis of monetary poverty and wellbeing of households with children", edition 2021 posted on the website

The National Bureau of Statistics informs that the analytical report "Analysis of monetary poverty and wellbeing of households with children, based on 2020 Household Budget Survey results" has been posted on the website.

The analytical report contains statistical information on the general characteristics of households with children according to the area of residence, number of children, type of household, quintiles, presence of migrants in households, their level of poverty and wellbeing.

The main source of information for the calculation of the standard set of poverty indicators is the Household Budget Survey (HBS), conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics. The main objective of the HBS is to determine multiple-aspect level of living standards of the population, including different socio-economic groups, in terms of income, expenditure, consumption, living conditions and other indicators that characterize the wellbeing of the population.

The report has been developed with the support of UNICEF Moldova.

The analytical report is available in Excel format.

In Romanian version

More detailed information is available under the heading: Products and services / Publications / Analysis of monetary poverty and wellbeing of households with children.

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