Crime situation in the Republic of Moldova in 2022

According to the data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 2022, 26,8 thousand crimes were registered on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, decreasing by 1,2% compared to 2021 and by 16,2% compared to 2018. The crime rate in 2022 was 103 crimes per 10 thousand inhabitants, compared to 119 crimes in 2018.

Every sixth crime is in the exceptionally grave, extremely grave and grave category. In 2022, 13,5 thousand victims of crime were recorded. As a result of the recorded crimes of domestic violence, in 2022, 698 people were affected, 70,3% of the victims were women. The highest level of crime was recorded among men – 92,1%, women constituting 7,9% in the number of people who committed crimes.

According to the data of the Agency for the Administration of Courts, the number of persons convicted in the first instance, in 2022, amounted to 8,4 thousand persons, or every day 23 persons were convicted. Compared to 2021, the number of people convicted in the first instance decreased by 27,1%. Deprivation of liberty, unpaid community service and conditional conviction are the main punishments imposed on convicts at first instance.

In 2022, according to the data of the National Administration of Penitentiaries, there were 6079 persons in the penitentiary institutions, including 1037 persons (17,1%) in preventive arrest and 5042 persons definitively convicted (82,9%). Out of the total number of persons in penitentiary institutions, 5,4% were women and 94,6% - men.

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