Education statistics refer to formal education, the data come from statistical surveys conducted annually by institutions authorized, according to the Education Code, to organize and conduct formal education programs in the country and provide the necessary information to describe the operation and performance level of the system educational. The results of statistical research allow the analysis of the evolution in the field of education in space and time. Statistical data are intended for those who monitor and evaluate the educational situation, as well as for those who develop evidence-based policies.

The statistics regarding the research-development activity is obtained through exhaustive annual statistical surveys, completed by all the types of units that carry out mainly or secondary research-development activity. The statistical data produced are necessary for the development of the knowledge-based economy. The information is intended for domestic beneficiaries and is internationally comparable.
Annual data are published.

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Release calendar

DateHourCategoryUpdated informationReference periodIssuer
15.03.202314:00StatbankHigher education2022BNS
27.03.202314:00StatbankPostsecondary vocational education2022BNS
27.03.202314:00StatbankSecondary vocational education2022BNS
19.04.202314:00News releasesPreschool education2022BNS
20.04.202314:00News releasesResearch-development works2022BNS
05.05.202310:00News releasesDoctorate and post-doctorate activity2022BNS
24.05.202314:00StatbankEarly education2022BNS
24.05.202314:00StatbankPrimary and general secondary education2022BNS
26.05.202314:00StatbankDoctoral studies2022BNS
14.07.202314:00PublicationsEducation in the Republic of Moldova (Romanian and English)Academic year 2022/23BNS
28.07.202314:00StatbankEducation, main indicators2022BNS
12.12.202310:00News releasesActivity of technical vocational institutionsAt the beginning of the 2023/24 academic yearBNS
19.12.202314:00News releasesThe activity of higher education institutionsAt the beginning of the 2023/24 academic yearBNS
27.12.202314:00News releasesActivity of the primary and general secondary education institutionsAt the beginning of the 2023/24 academic yearBNS