The activity of higher educational institutions in the 2023/24 study year

National Bureau of Statistics informs that, in the 2023/24 study year:
  • the network of higher education institutions consists of 21 units;
  • at the beginning of the study year, 56.5 thousand persons were enrolled in higher education institutions, of which 42.1 thousand in the first cycle – Licence’s degree, 9.5 thousand in the second cycle – Master’s degree and 4.9 thousand for integrated higher education;
  • in higher education institutions, 14.7 thousand persons were admitted in the first cycle (including integrated higher education) and 5.0 thousand persons in the second cycle;
  • the managerial, scientific-teaching and teaching personnel in higher education institutions number 3.7 thousand persons (basic staff).

More detailed information is available in Romanian language.

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