DateHourCategoryTitleReference periodDomainIssuer
08.12.202314:00Publications Social-economic situation of the municipality Chisinau (Romanian) January-September 2023 Regional statistics BNS
12.12.202314:00Publications Natural resources and environment in Republic of Moldova (Romanian and Russian) 2022 Environment BNS
15.12.202314:00Publications Territorial statistics (Romanian and English) 2022 Regional statistics BNS
19.12.202314:00Publications Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Moldova (Romanian, Russian and English) 2022 Statistica generală BNS
21.12.202314:00Publications Results of the sampling structural survey of enterprise (Romanian, Russian and English) 2022 Entrepreneurship BNS
22.12.202314:00Publications Statistical yearbook Chisinau in figures (Romanian and Russian) 2022 Regional statistics BNS
29.12.202314:00Publications National and regional accounts (Romanian and Russian) 2022 National accounts BNS