The National Accounts System is a coherent and detailed set of accounts and tables that provide a systematic, comparable and complete picture of the country's activity. This classifies the wide variety of economic flows into a small number of fundamental categories and places them in an overall framework that allows to obtain a representation of the economic circuit adapted to the needs of analysis, forecasting and economic policy. The National Accounts are developed in accordance with the methodology of the United Nations System of National Accounts (SCN-2008).
The main non-financial accounts that are developed within the National Accounts System are: the goods and services account; production account; operating account; primary income distribution account; secondary income distribution account; account of use of disposable income; natural income redistribution account; adjusted disposable income use account; capital account; the accounts of the rest of the world.
The accounts are developed entirely by economy, economic activities and institutional sectors.
Gross Domestic Product - the main macroeconomic aggregate is prepared on an annual basis (in current prices, average prices of the previous year and in the prices of a reference year) and on a quarterly basis (in current prices, average prices of the current year, average prices of the previous year and in the prices of a reference year). GDP on an annual basis is compiled by 3 methods: resources, uses and revenues.
The elaboration of national accounts uses statistical data sources (compiled by the specialized departments of the NBS), as well as administrative data sources (the National Bank of Moldova, the Ministry of Finance, the State Fiscal Service, the Customs Service, the National Financial Network Commission, etc.).
Annual data are disseminated on the NBS official website at:
March 15 (t + 1) - preliminary data, GDP by categories of resources and uses;
June 15 (t + 1) - semi-final data, GDP by categories of resources and uses;
December 29 (t + 1) - final dates, Annual national accounts;
December 29 (t + 2) - final dates, Regional Gross Domestic Product.
Quarterly GDP data are released on the 75th day after the reporting period via the official NBS website.

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Release calendar

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25.05.202314:00StatbankReconciliation of quarterly GDP with annual data 2021BNS
15.06.202314:00News releasesGross Domestic Product Quarter I 2023BNS
15.09.202314:00News releasesGross Domestic Product Quarter II 2023BNS
15.12.202314:00News releasesGross Domestic Product Quarter III 2023BNS
29.12.202314:00PublicationsNational and regional accounts (Romanian and Russian) 2022BNS