Short-term indicators in industry include the Industrial Production Index (IPI) and the Industrial Turnover Index (ITI).
The Industrial Production Index measures the development of the real outputs of industrial activities relative to a base period, in fact presenting the volume index.
The Industrial Turnover Index provides an overview of the economic situation used to assess current sales trends and, therefore, to report market fluctuations.
For the IPI the industrial activities are represented by sections B ”Mining and quarrying”, C ”Manufacturing” and D ”Production and supply of electric and thermal energy, gas, hot water and air conditioning” of the Classification of Economic Activities of Moldova (CAEM-2).
For the ITI, industrial activities are represented by the sections B ”Mining and quarrying” and C ”Manufacturing” of the Classification of Economic Activities of Moldova (CAEM-2).
Short-Term Indicators in Industry are based on the monthly statistical survey of enterprises with the main type of activity in industry, covering the enterprises with 20 staff and more surveyed on an exhaustive sampling, while those with a number of staff from 4 to 19 people - by random sample.
The data are published monthly on the official website of the NBS via the press-release, in the statistical DataBank and the section Statistics by themes.

Industrial production statistics covers indicators on industrial production in value and physical expression, as well as their evolution.
Industrial activities are represented by section B “Mining and quarrying”, C “Processing Industry”, D “Production and supply of electricity, heat, steam, hot water and air conditioning” and E “Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities” of the Classifier of Activities in Moldova Economy (CAEM-2).
Industrial production statistics are developed based on statistical surveys of enterprises dealing with industry, as their main activity, covering all enterprises, which carry out industrial activities, including secondary activities.
The data are published annually on the official website of the NBS via the statistical databank and the section Statistics by themes.


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Release calendar

DateHourCategoryUpdated informationReference periodIssuer
20.02.202310:00News releasesIndustrial activityJanuary-December 2022BNS
20.02.202310:00StatbankVolume of production indicesDecember 2022BNS
20.03.202310:00StatbankVolume of production indicesJanuary 2023BNS
20.04.202310:00News releasesIndustrial activityJanuary-February 2023BNS
20.04.202310:00StatbankVolume of production indicesFebruary 2023BNS
19.05.202310:00StatbankVolume of production indicesMarch 2023BNS
19.05.202310:00News releasesIndustrial activityJanuary-March 2023BNS
20.06.202310:00News releasesIndustrial activityJanuary-April 2023BNS
20.06.202310:00StatbankVolume of production indicesApril 2023BNS
20.07.202310:00News releasesIndustrial activityJanuary-May 2023BNS
20.07.202310:00StatbankVolume of production indicesMay 2023BNS
27.07.202314:00StatbankThe value of manufactured and delivered production2022BNS
27.07.202314:00StatbankVolume of production indices2022BNS
27.07.202314:00StatbankProduct statistics2022BNS
27.07.202314:00News releasesIndustry of the Republic of Moldova2022BNS
21.08.202310:00StatbankVolume of production indicesJune 2023BNS
21.08.202310:00News releasesIndustrial activityJanuary-June 2023BNS
20.09.202310:00StatbankVolume of production indicesJuly 2023BNS
20.09.202310:00News releasesIndustrial activityJanuary-July 2023BNS
20.10.202310:00StatbankVolume of production indicesAugust 2023BNS