DateHourCategoryTitleReference periodDomainIssuer
28.11.202214:00Statbank Annual Structural Survey 2021 Entrepreneurship BNS
29.11.202214:00Statbank Attendance of establishments Quarter III 2022 Tourism BNS
29.11.202214:00Statbank Earnings statistics Quarter III 2022 Earnings and labour costs BNS
29.11.202214:00Statbank Investments in fixed assets January-September 2022 Investments in assets BNS
02.12.202214:00Statbank Unemployment Quarter III 2022 Employment and unemployment BNS
02.12.202214:00Statbank Employment and unemployment (Labour Force Survey) main indicators Quarter III 2022 Employment and unemployment BNS
05.12.202210:00Statbank Energy resources, main indicators October 2022 Energy BNS
05.12.202214:00Statbank Electronic communications Quarter III 2022 Information technology, post and communications BNS
09.12.202210:00Statbank Consumer price indices November 2022 Consumer price indices BNS
12.12.202214:00Statbank Distribution of employees by size of salary September 2022 Distribution of employees according to the size of the salary BNS
15.12.202210:00Statbank Exports, imports and trade balance by groups of countries October 2022 External trade BNS
19.12.202210:00Statbank Producer price indices November 2022 Industrial production price indices BNS
20.12.202210:00Statbank Volume of production indices October 2022 Industry BNS
20.12.202214:00Statbank Domestic trade of goods October 2022 Domestic trade and services BNS
20.12.202214:00Statbank Exports, imports in/from other countries of the world (except EU and CIS countries), by groups of goods 2021 (final data) External trade BNS
30.12.202214:00Statbank Finance Quarter III 2022 Finance BNS