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Global agricultural production in January-September 2021
National Bureau of Statistics informs that, global agricultural production, in all types of households in January-September 2021, according to preliminary estimates, summed up 27039,0 million Lei, that is 120,5% in comparable prices compared to January-September 2020.
The evolution of industrial production prices in September 2021
The National Bureau of Statistics informs that in September 2021 the producer prices in industry increased by 0,2% compared to August 2021, with 7,8% - compared to September 2020, and with 5,9% - compared to December 2020.
Industrial activity in January-August 2021
The National Bureau of Statistics informs that in August 2021, industrial production (gross series) increased by 6,6% compared to the corresponding month of the previous year, against the background of the decrease of production in August 2020 compared to the corresponding month of 2019 by 7,9%.
International trade of goods of the Republic of Moldova in January-August 2021
Passengers and freight transportation in January-August 2021
Donation of equipment for the modernization of statistical research in the field of population and migration (Video)
To support the National Bureau of Statistic in the process of usual resident population calculation and estimation of international and internal migration at the local level, there was donated a lot of modern equipment valued about $260,000.
National Bureau of Statistics has started testing the CAPI method of collecting data in households
From October 4 to 8, a number of specialists, including interview operators from the National Bureau of Statistics, participated to a workshop aimed at testing and practicing CAPI application. For the first time NBS is testing the CAPI method of household data collection for the Labor Force Survey.
NBS newsletter, quarter III 2021
National Bureau of Statistics presents the Newsletter for the 3rd quarter of this year, which contains the most important news and events from the activity carried out by NBS during this period.
Exchange of experience between the National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova and the Central Bureau of Statistics of Latvia on data confidentiality in disseminating the statistical information on international trade
On September 16, an online meeting took place between the representatives of the National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova and Anželika Pavlova, representative of the Latvian Statistical Office. The Latvian experience in disseminating data on international trade was presented in the meeting, in the context of complying with the confidentiality of statistical data, in accordance with European Union and international best practices and standards.
„Quarterly statistical bulletin, January-June 2021" posted on the website
The bulletin contains data in dynamics in the form of tables statistical indicators for years, quarters, months, which characterize the social, economic and demographic situation of the country. Information on main social and economic situation of CIS countries is presented.
(Interview) Lilian Galer: "The use of geospatial data and GIS tools at the NBS will allow Moldova to produce and disseminate statistics integrated to locations”
The quarterly publication „Social-economic situation of the municipality Chisinau in January-June 2021" posted on the website
Key indicators, %
Usual resident population 2 597,1 thou.
CPI 101,68%
GDP 121,5%
Industrial production 112,8%
Agricultural production 120,5%
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