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Dwellings put into operation in January-March 2020
National Bureau of Statistics informs that in January-March 2020 were put into operation 1011 dwellings with total area of 93,4 m², or with 10,5% less than in January-March 2019.
Activity of water supply and sewerage systems in 2019
The National Bureau of Statistics informs that annually, works for the rehabilitation, modernization and expansion of public water supply systems are carried out. In 2019, the total length of aqueducts and public water distribution networks has expanded by 0,4 thousand km, thus accounting for 14,7 thousand km. Compared to 2016, the total length of public water distribution networks increased by 10,5%.
The activity of insurers in January-March 2020
The National Bureau of Statistics informs that in January-March 2020 the gross premiums charged constituted 339,5 million lei, decreasing by 1,1% compared to the gross premiums charged in the corresponding period of previous year.
Construction activity in entrepreneurship in January-March 2020
Turnover in trade and services in January-March 2020
StatBank updated with new indicators at the level of localities
NBS informs that the StatBank has been completed with NEW tables that contain disaggregated indicators at the level of localities in the social, economic, environment and agriculture domains.
Measuring the social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic
The purpose of the module "Influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on the household" is to collect the statistical information to assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on households in the Republic of Moldova. Data collection will be carried out on the basis of an additional module on Household Budget Survey (HBS), on the sample of households in the second quarter of 2020.
Work program of the territorial statistical offices of the National Bureau of Statistics
The National Bureau of Statistics informs that the territorial statistical offices operate on a regular basis from 8:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.The territorial offices operate with a reduced number of staff, and access to offices is ensured by keeping the distance, in order to ensure the safety and health of employees and respondents.
The deadlines for submitting financial statements have been extended!
We bring to the attention of the respondents that, in accordance with paragraph 26 (7) of Order No. 3 of March 23, 2020, the Commission for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Moldova, the deadline for submitting financial statements for 2019 is extended until May 29, 2020.
The National Bureau of Statistics has published the infographic set "Children of Moldova in 2018"
The infographics present a synthesis of the main statistical indicators in the fields of demography, education, family, juvenile crime, social protection, health, culture and sport. The statistical data are presented for 2018 compared to 2014, thus providing an evolution of the situation of children in the Republic of Moldova during this period.
"Quarterly statistical bulletin, January-December 2019" posted on the website
Changes in the activity of NBS regarding the State of Emergency declared throughout the Republic of Moldova
Key indicators, %
Usual resident population 2681,7 thou.
CPI 100,17%
GDP 103,6%
Industrial production 100,2%
Agricultural production 102,4%
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